BRH has been blessed year after year with incredible opportunities to engage in the work that God is doing all over the world. We have grown significantly as a whole through the experiences we have had on these trips. Each year the choir experiences a different people, culture, and type of ministry. But one thing never changes, and that is the heart that BRH has for sharing our voices with the world. This past year in Ghana the choir was changed in amazing ways through the encounters with fellow members of Godís kingdom. While on the trip we learned a lot about spiritual revival and what it means to be agents of revival everywhere that we go.

Revival is much more than an outward expression of a large group of people, but is an internal resurgence of the need for God in our lives. This internal change is what sparks us to share that revival with the world and truly make disciples who actively pursue the Lord. This idea of revival is what has fueled the choir as the school year has begun, and is the overarching theme of this yearís tour. No matter where God leads BRH to go this next year, revival is what BRH will bring. No matter who God allows us to minister to, revival is what BRH will bring. And no matter what BRH does before of after tour, revival is what we will bring.

--Brett Greenfield, Tour Coordinator