Baylor University held an on-campus worship service called the Baylor Religious Hour. In 1948, Dick Baker, a Baylor undergraduate student, realized the need for music to help lead worship and so he helped create the BRH choir by selecting individuals not only for their vocal ability but also for their testimony. The BRH choir was born with Dick Baker as its first director. The choir sang each week, bringing in a larger crowd to the worship hour. This choir was developed as a student-led organization that ministers to Baylor students, to the state of Texas and to the nations of the world. BRH helped to lead in many of the church revivals going on during this period, touching and enriching many lives.
Each May BRH goes on a mission trip to serve as an ambassador for the Lord and for Baylor University around the world. The mission trip tradition began in the 1950 and continues to this day. The choir has recently ministered to Australia, Belize, Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa, Nicaragua, Ghana, Spain, France, and El Salvador. This May BRH will travel to Mexico, to the city of Merida in the Yucatan peninsula. (For more information and to support the trip, please visit the Mission Trip page.)
BRH is a unique ministry full of talented students who volunteer their time because they have a shared passion for music and for ministry. BRH holds a special place in the members' hearts because they develop many close friendships. Although BRH may not wear the same choir robes as when they first began in 1948, over six decades later, the choir is still singing and praising the Lord with the same spirit and heart to serve.